Run your Discord server with ease.

All with moderation, fun, economy, giveaways, and much more!


Tired of manually doing everything? Use moderation commands to automate your server moderation. Commands such as warn, kick, ban, mute, and much more will allow you to moderate with ease. You can view past warns for users, clear warns, and more!


Wanna have some fun gambling with a game? Or even trading with friends? Use Economy commands to bump up your level of cash! Earn more coins, trade with friends, buy items, and much more! Have fun, but don't get robbed!


Host giveaways in your server! They can be anything from Medieval Moderation Premium to Discord Nitro! Reroll the winners whenever you want. Giveaways with Medieval Moderation are the way to go.

And More!

There are many more features to Medieval Moderation than you can imagine. Start applications for staff, post memes, and even satisfy yourself with cute dog pictures! Medieval Moderation is the all-purpose bot for everything.

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